The Imitation of the Rose

The performance “The Imitation of the Rose” took place in 2016, at the Galeria do Lago of The Republic Museum/RJ, as part of the exhibition “Somos Todos Clarice”, which was curated by Isabel Portella.

For the action, the artist Panmela Castro, affected by the text “The Imitation of the Rose” by Clarice Lispector, conceived with her mother, Dona Elizabeth, a “Siamese” dress that could only be worn and carried with the help of another person. For the artist, the joint walk and the exercise of supporting the weight allude to the concept of sorority, which means the union and alliance between women. Sisterhood allows carrying and sustaining the weights and burdens of being a woman to be milder experiences, in which the exchanges and affectations between two who have similar experiences allow one to remind the other that they are not alone.