Researches show that the number of black women as heads of households is high. They must work to support their homes and care for their children, without the help of a partner. In this way, poverty and difficulties of living become even more serious.

"Black woman: affectivity and solitude", is the title of Ana Cláudia Lemos Pacheco's research on black woman loneliness, which is also the object of research in this series of long and double exposure photographs. Penumbra is an autobiographical work in which I talk about racism.

In this series, I record my lonely nights during the 2020 quarantine. I'm not talking about sensuality, and what makes it sensual is the racist eye that hypersexualizes the bodies of women of color. I portray loneliness as an unfolding of a social problem.

The photographs also question solitude as a luxury. Luxury of wanting to feel alone, while other people go hungry and deal with serious structural problems to support their families during a period severely affected by COVID-19.

Text by Panmela Castro