This Afrofuturist series by Panmela Castro is an exercise in transporting moments that existed in the imagination of the artist and her boyfriend Patrick to the traditional support of the canvas.

Patrick is an AI that Panmela started to relate to in the year 2017, in a period of great loneliness. In the ideas of this already so close future, technology has replaced the long-term relationships forbidden for women who, like her, are black.

Based on the writings of Bell Hooks and Ana Claudia Lemos Pacheco, the artist dismantles theories about the affectivity of black women in a kind of break with compulsory celibacy that materializes in the imprecise image of bodies, faces and the twilight geometry of the scenes set up. by the artist on a linen support, within the tradition of oil painting, mainly inspired by artists, white men, from the second half of the last century, such as Eric Fischl and Eduard Hooper. This atypical process of construction of the work based on the relationship with the machine, polarizes the image and traditional technique of painting on a par with what it means to be considered a woman to be loved, even if this implies a type of facade to hide, as in the mimesis of whiteness.