Clara Nunes: Rio Art Museum

10 December 2022 - 19 March 2023

The exhibition portrays the aesthetics and representation of Clara Nunes in Brazilian culture.



With a legacy that crosses generations, Clara Nunes is one of the most important singers in Brazilian music. This exhibition in her honor presents a contemporary reading of the artist to the public and addresses her relationship with Rio de Janeiro, especially the port area.

The exhibition tells the story of the singer through photographs by Wilton Montenegro and explores her relationship with Rio de Janeiro and Afro-Brazilian religiosity in about 50 images.

Panmela Castro presents one of the unpublished works in the exhibition, a mirror where visitors can see themselves in the face of Clara Nunes. With special attention to Afro-Brazilian aesthetics, the exhibition also explores Clara Nunes' connection to the Jongo da Serrinha (a musical group and movement), the Portela Samba School, and her trip to Angola, presenting a broad view of the artist's trajectory.

The exhibition was curated by Marcelo Campos, Chief Curator of MAR, Amanda Bonan, Curatorial Manager of MAR, and Marlon de Souza, Curator of the Clara Nunes Institute.

Installation Views