Stella do Patrocínio: show me that I am not alone. that there are others like me, similar to me and different: Bispo do Rosário Museum

22 October 2022 - 22 April 2023
Stella do Patrocínio's famous "Falatório" (rambling), recorded at Colônia Juliano Moreira, became publicly known, inspiring various publications, artistic productions, and academic research. Stella's presence reinvents language in its constant flow.

These audio recordings presented in full in this exhibition reveal only a small part of Stella do Patrocínio's passage through the world, in her gesture of making her voice heard: denouncing a normative, patriarchal, and racist society that used the medical model to exclude and silence people who in some way differed from the hegemonic model. How many other voices similar and different from Stella's were confined, silenced, and condemned to invisibility?

With the collective curating of Patrícia Ruth, Rogeria Barbosa, Diana Kolker, Raquel Fernandes, and Ricardo Resende, the exhibition focuses on the spoken, written, drawn, sewn, embroidered, danced, performed, and sung word mobilized by listening to Stella do Patrocínio's Falatório, affirming its relevance in contemporary Brazilian and Afro-diasporic intellectual and artistic production. In dialogue with Stella's Falatório, we present works by Annaline Curado, Morena, Natasha Felix, Panmela Castro, Patricia Ruth, Priscila Rezende, Rogéria Barbosa, Rosana Palazyan, Val Souza, Vanessa Alves, and Zahy.

Held in the same year that the Municipal Institute of Health Assistance Juliano Moreira closed the last active units of internment through the implementation of policies of care and psychosocial reintegration, the exhibition invites us to listen, to make room for listening to Stella do Patrocínio. May her voice vibrate, reverberating like a powerful wave capable of crumbling our mental asylums within us, and summoning us to join forces in actions of justice and reparation for victims of state violence and omission, which mainly affect women historically affected by racism, sexism, and classism. The Stella do Patrocínio exhibition is a place of encounter and speech for women, alike, similar, and different. It is also a place of listening.