Quilombo: life, problems and aspirations of black people: Inhotim

19 November 2022 - 16 June 2023

The starting point of the exhibition is the legacy of the Teatro Experimental do Negro (TEN), a group founded by Abdias Nascimento in 1944, which stood out for its focus on black protagonism and the denunciation of racism in its actions. This approach was documented and discussed in the pages of the Quilombo newspaper.

With a title that clearly alludes to the newspaper, the exhibition proposes a rescue of the concepts behind the publication. Divided into 5 sections [1. New power: reformulating a vanguard; 2. Public lives; 3. Life and aspirations of black people; 4. They speak; and 5. Rewriting history: construction and affirmation of identity], the exhibition establishes a dialogue between themes raised by "Quilombo", linked to issues of representation and identity of the black figure in society at the time, and establishes dialogues with the recent production of Brazilian artists.