Hackeando o Poder: Museu da Rep├║blica, RJ

23 March - 30 June 2024
It is also an invitation to the audience, to increasingly encourage the careers of women artists. That’s the only way for us to be able to create new memories that will allow for a redistribution of power.

With artworks by Alafumin, Agrippina R. Manhattan, Alice Yura, Arcasi, Élle de Bernardini, Marcela Cantuária, Panmela Castro, Priscila Rooxo, Rosana Paulino, Sallisa Rosa, Vulcanica Pokaropa and Roberta Holiday, this exhibition is a small but powerful selection that observes how the subjectivities of these women have contributed to fostering their artistic careers, as well as questioning the status quo in the contemporary art field.  

By putting their experiences in perspective, these twelve artists – from different generations – have been collaborating to achieve systemic change, even if still in the symbolic field. To acknowledge the impact of their artistic research and production in the contemporary scene is to shoot an arrow into the future, in the hope that other young artists feel compelled to blaze their own trail. 

Installation Views