FUNK! Um grito de ousadia e liberdade: Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro

29 September 2023 - 24 August 2024
The theme of the exhibition "FUNK! Um grito de ousadia e liberdade" (FUNK! A scream of daring and freedom) will present and articulate the history of funk, beyond its sound, also highlighting the urban, peripheral cultural matrix, its choreographic dimension, its communities, its aesthetic, political and economic developments and the imaginary that has been built up around it.

MAR's main exhibition of the year explores the contexts of Rio Funk throughout history. Presented by the Vale Cultural Institute, curated by the MAR Team alongside Taísa Machado and Dom Filó, the show also had the collaboration of consultants such as Deize Tigrona, Celly IDD, Tamiris Coutinho, Glau Tavares, Sir Dema, GG Albuquerque, Marcelo B Groove, Leo Moraes, Zulu TR.

In this exhibition, Panmela Castro is presenting her painting of Mc Carol, a famous Funk singer in Brazil, and the participatory installation "Party Restroom", in which the visitors can write on mirror walls.


Installation Views